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Catering Menu

Having an event? Our catering menu has food that is sure to please all of your guests. Choose from our naturally smoked meats, premium hand-made sausages and delicious housemade side dishes.


All of our meats are naturally smoked over cherry wood for 12-17 hours, producing some of the most tender, tasty meats in the area. We do not hide behind over produced sauces, we let the perfectly seasoned product stand for itself. A pound will feed 2-3 people.

For bread, rolls or tortillas, add $1.50/lb. BBQ Sauce available upon request.


Our premium sausages are made in-house, with choice ingredients, and no added fat or fillers. All are priced at $6.00/lb. Each pound serves 2-3 people.

Our own blend of spices, course ground and stuffed into a natural casing

Hot Italian Sausage
Fennel seed and chili flake with ground pork make this a picnic and tailgate staple

Buffalo Chicken Sausage
Our house blend of spices turns a basket of wings into a delicious sausage

Turkey Club Sausage
Ground turkey, Sun-dried tomato, bacon and Swiss stuffed into a natural casing

Boudin Sausage
Roast pork finely ground and mixed with white rice. A Creole classic.

Side Dishes

All of our sides are made fresh in-house. They are the perfect accompaniment to our smoked meats and sausages.
½ Pan $22.50 (Feeds 15-20)
Full Pan $45.00 (Feeds 30-40)

Cucumber-Onion Salad
Sliced cucumber and onion in a refreshing vinaigrette

Roasted Sweet Potatoes
Sweet potatoes roasted and caramelized

Smoked Cheddar Grits
White grits cooked with buttermilk and smoked cheddar

The Mac and Cheese
Macaroni and our 4-cheese sauce

Broccoli and Bacon Salad
Fresh broccoli and our house made bacon

Pasta Salad
Linguini and fresh vegetables in vinaigrette

"Johnny Bull" Potatoes
Shredded potatoes folded with cream and spices

We ask for at least a 2 week notice before catering events. A down payment of 33% is requested. If you have any questions about items please call us. All of our prices reflect pick up catering. If you wish to have delivery, we add a fee of $50. We are more then happy to try and accommodate all of your needs, call us with any questions at (828) 231-9864.